Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I never thought I would take a sabbatical from teaching yet here I am. Life has changed drastically for myself and my 2 teenage sons in the past 5 months. We have had a 35% cut in pay(sabbatical pay), a change of high schools for my youngest, and a medical diagnosis for my oldest that is really the cause of this all. Through it all, we have been blessed. I have a much closer relationship with my sons and God is growing my ... faith, dependence, and independence all at once. I am beginning this blog to seek help and to hopefully help others. I don't want it to be negative but I am sure I will feel the need to express frustration from time to time. As time progresses I also hope to join the many bloggers out there who talk about their money savings. I began couponing in July after reading The Centsible Sawyer's blog. I am totally hooked!!!

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