Saturday, October 25, 2008


Matthew was "starving" for Mexican food so we loaded up and went to town. (about 20 miles) Never mind that I was just there last night and I don't particularly like the food at this restaurant. Sigh...It was nice to be there with my boys. We also went to the local Skate Park so that Joseph could spend his hard earned money on a new board. It was a ridiculous price but cool to see them assemble the parts that he chose. He will break it in tomorrow after church. That is what he gets from me for his birthday..."skate party". The boys then decided they wanted to go bowling. I had errands to run so I left them to it. (I really like to see them spend time with each other.) It may sound strange and rambling but this was a good day. We don't have a lot of those lately. Maybe once a week...the medical issues for my oldest son are a constant battle for him which in turn affects us.

Thank you Jesus, It was a GOOD day.

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